Looking Ahead

Let’s stop perpetuating the myth about meeting deadlines. It seems impossible to run several projects at the same time but it’s a matter of setting priorities. 🧐Once you’ve decided to take a new student or deliver a course or a training session, you may feel there are too many things to do: advertising, planning, delivery, … Continue reading Looking Ahead

Happiness and Well-being at Work

Team-working There is a significant relationship between organizational climate and organizational performance due to the fact that we are likely to work best with like-minded people who have similar values and are eager to collaborate. If you work in a company like that, I’m sure you are happy and satisfied as every day brings some … Continue reading Happiness and Well-being at Work

Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Have you ever been in a situation when it was hard to say no or ask for something like a pay rise? To be honest, many teachers experience stress because of their workload and difficulties declining unacceptable requests or requesting reasonable working conditions. This is a life skill that we all need to develop, in … Continue reading Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Reinforcing Positive Thinking

I'm sure that all of you want to feel happy, comfortable and full of energy. Is it always possible? Being happy doesn't mean being satisfied with everything. In fact everything can't be perfect. Imagine you have prepared a fantastic lesson and it has been great but you haven't found the book you've been looking for … Continue reading Reinforcing Positive Thinking