Using Topic Based Lessons

I'm currently working a lot with higher-level students and I have to help them prepare for different kinds of tests and external exams. We all know that we need to expose our learners to various authentic texts on different topics. Text-based presentations work well as our learners work on developing receptive skills and can also … Continue reading Using Topic Based Lessons

Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

I would like to share my experience of giving a plenary workshop for about a hundred conference participants. I presented at BKC IH Annual Conference on 24 April and I’d like to share some of my thoughts and reflections with you. The idea was to offer a framework for teachers who want to help their … Continue reading Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

Looking Ahead

Let’s stop perpetuating the myth about meeting deadlines. It seems impossible to run several projects at the same time but it’s a matter of setting priorities. 🧐Once you’ve decided to take a new student or deliver a course or a training session, you may feel there are too many things to do: advertising, planning, delivery, … Continue reading Looking Ahead

Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Have you ever been in a situation when it was hard to say no or ask for something like a pay rise? To be honest, many teachers experience stress because of their workload and difficulties declining unacceptable requests or requesting reasonable working conditions. This is a life skill that we all need to develop, in … Continue reading Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Enhancing communication skills

Being inspired by a book I read recently I’ve decided to share some tips for those who want to improve their communication skills. In my opinion, effective communication is a must for those who work with people, which means that it applies to both teachers and teacher trainers. We are supposed to listen to our … Continue reading Enhancing communication skills

In-house Training Sessions

Our BKC teachers attend monthly seminars. They can also volunteer and deliver seminars themselves.⠀ There are about six parallel sessions each month so teachers may choose the most appealing topics according to their teaching context and personal preferences. We try to balance very practical sessions against inputs on advanced methodology so that more experienced and … Continue reading In-house Training Sessions

BKC IH Teacher Training Conference 2020

There are many conferences but this one is really worth attending. Our experts with considerable expertise will help you learn something new, share what you know and get inspired. Have a look at our list of speakers and the variety of topics to see who is eager to come and join us at Moscow Teacher … Continue reading BKC IH Teacher Training Conference 2020

Tips for Delta Module 1

What is Delta Module 1 Preparation Course like? Who is the course for? It's for teachers who have been working for over a year and want to take their career to the next levelwork with young learners or adults would like to prepare for Delta Module 1 in a team of like-minded people guided by … Continue reading Tips for Delta Module 1

Looking for the best teaching method

I often hear from teachers that they are using their own method of teaching or some of them may say that they prefer Communicative Language Teaching. However, it seems that we often rely on so-called principled eclecticism, which is a hotchpotch of some well-known approaches. In this article I am going to remind you of … Continue reading Looking for the best teaching method

Is teaching online different?

Many teachers are considering shifting to online teaching as there is a growing demand for those who can help learners study in the comfort of their own home. These teachers might be used to certain principles and teaching techniques that they rely on and they have doubts whether to accept this may-be-the-biggest challenge of their … Continue reading Is teaching online different?