Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

I would like to share my experience of giving a plenary workshop for about a hundred conference participants. I presented at BKC IH Annual Conference on 24 April and I’d like to share some of my thoughts and reflections with you. The idea was to offer a framework for teachers who want to help their … Continue reading Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

Teaching Competence

Inspired by ‘What makes a great teacher’ video by Jo Gakonga, I decided to contemplate why teachers consistently work on their professional development. Although it’s incredibly difficult to pin down and come up with a concise definition, one of the components of a good teacher must be their professional competence, i.e. a good awareness of … Continue reading Teaching Competence

Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

CELTA course is intense whether you are a trainee or a trainer, whether you take a one-month course or a part-time course that you attend a couple of days a week, whether it is offline or online. This means that trainers will keep you busy on CELTA days and you will also have to do … Continue reading Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

Tips for Delta Module 1

What is Delta Module 1 Preparation Course like? Who is the course for? It's for teachers who have been working for over a year and want to take their career to the next levelwork with young learners or adults would like to prepare for Delta Module 1 in a team of like-minded people guided by … Continue reading Tips for Delta Module 1

About Continuous Professional Development

Teachers are working hard to build rapport with their students, find good teaching materials and experiment with some teaching techniques and approaches to be able to meet their learners' needs. Do you agree with me that ongoing reflection and evaluation of what we are doing in class are essential for all of us? It used … Continue reading About Continuous Professional Development