Using Topic Based Lessons

I'm currently working a lot with higher-level students and I have to help them prepare for different kinds of tests and external exams. We all know that we need to expose our learners to various authentic texts on different topics. Text-based presentations work well as our learners work on developing receptive skills and can also … Continue reading Using Topic Based Lessons

Teaching Competence

Inspired by ‘What makes a great teacher’ video by Jo Gakonga, I decided to contemplate why teachers consistently work on their professional development. Although it’s incredibly difficult to pin down and come up with a concise definition, one of the components of a good teacher must be their professional competence, i.e. a good awareness of … Continue reading Teaching Competence

How to get accepted to CELTA

Those of you who haven't heard about CELTA, this is the most widely recognized initial teaching qualification, which you can get if you take the course. Those who take the course will gain some basic teaching skills and hands-on experience as this course is designed to help become aware of the principles of effective teaching … Continue reading How to get accepted to CELTA