Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Mnemonic /nɪˈmɒnɪk/ is a word of Greek origin, which basically means a learning technique, a trick like a poem or a sentence, or visual aid that can help you organise, retain and remember information, such as a rule, a sequence or just a name, by retrieving it without a delay. As a teacher trainer I … Continue reading Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Preparing for an Exam

According to Peter Watkins "There is no great shift in teaching methodology when teaching exam classes". This is certainly true but it's also worth doing research and stay tuned-in getting recent papers and exam reports to be able to guide your learners and give them relevant feedback on their performance. Teachers have to deal with … Continue reading Preparing for an Exam

Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Have you ever been in a situation when it was hard to say no or ask for something like a pay rise? To be honest, many teachers experience stress because of their workload and difficulties declining unacceptable requests or requesting reasonable working conditions. This is a life skill that we all need to develop, in … Continue reading Developing Assertive Communication Skills

Enhancing communication skills

Being inspired by a book I read recently I’ve decided to share some tips for those who want to improve their communication skills. In my opinion, effective communication is a must for those who work with people, which means that it applies to both teachers and teacher trainers. We are supposed to listen to our … Continue reading Enhancing communication skills

Are you motivated enough to give online lessons?

running group classes The topic of motivation is popular if not ubiquitous. Today I want to discuss whether it’s necessary to take risks and try out something new. For example, many teachers go online at the moment. The possible reasons for shifting from offline lessons might be the following: due to the unprecedented circumstanceit’s natural … Continue reading Are you motivated enough to give online lessons?

What Motivates Teachers

There are many motivational theories that help us evaluate our learners’ driving force or forces. We try to figure out whether they have intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, what goals they are eager to achieve and what their preferences are likely to be. Today I’d like to consider what motivates teachers. We are often seen as … Continue reading What Motivates Teachers

Are your students ready for online learning?

There has been made an inevitable shift from face-to-face to online teaching. I think our learners need to be aware what it may mean and we, in turn, have to meet their expectations. I'm writing this post to share a set of actions that are likely to facilitate the transition. Run a tutorial on how … Continue reading Are your students ready for online learning?

Benefits of Me Time

The idea of 'mindfulness' keeps going up and up, making us contemplate our work-life balance, which is really hard to achieve, especially if you have to work long hours and cope with an unfriendly timetable. Haven't you felt worn out? The way I see it, in present rapid pace of life we get a lot … Continue reading Benefits of Me Time

Review of the Story of English in 100 words

According to David Crystal we can tell the story of the English language by either identifying trends within the key developmental periods such as Old English, Middle English, Modern English or by exploring several language items. He has created a list of words that present a specific trend in the language development in his book … Continue reading Review of the Story of English in 100 words

In-house Training Sessions

Our BKC teachers attend monthly seminars. They can also volunteer and deliver seminars themselves.⠀ There are about six parallel sessions each month so teachers may choose the most appealing topics according to their teaching context and personal preferences. We try to balance very practical sessions against inputs on advanced methodology so that more experienced and … Continue reading In-house Training Sessions