Teaching Competence

Inspired by ‘What makes a great teacher’ video by Jo Gakonga, I decided to contemplate why teachers consistently work on their professional development. Although it’s incredibly difficult to pin down and come up with a concise definition, one of the components of a good teacher must be their professional competence, i.e. a good awareness of … Continue reading Teaching Competence

Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Mnemonic /nɪˈmɒnɪk/ is a word of Greek origin, which basically means a learning technique, a trick like a poem or a sentence, or visual aid that can help you organise, retain and remember information, such as a rule, a sequence or just a name, by retrieving it without a delay. As a teacher trainer I … Continue reading Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Tips for Delta Module 1

What is Delta Module 1 Preparation Course like? Who is the course for? It's for teachers who have been working for over a year and want to take their career to the next levelwork with young learners or adults would like to prepare for Delta Module 1 in a team of like-minded people guided by … Continue reading Tips for Delta Module 1