Teaching Competence

Inspired by ‘What makes a great teacher’ video by Jo Gakonga, I decided to contemplate why teachers consistently work on their professional development. Although it’s incredibly difficult to pin down and come up with a concise definition, one of the components of a good teacher must be their professional competence, i.e. a good awareness of … Continue reading Teaching Competence

Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

CELTA course is intense whether you are a trainee or a trainer, whether you take a one-month course or a part-time course that you attend a couple of days a week, whether it is offline or online. This means that trainers will keep you busy on CELTA days and you will also have to do … Continue reading Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Mnemonic /nɪˈmɒnɪk/ is a word of Greek origin, which basically means a learning technique, a trick like a poem or a sentence, or visual aid that can help you organise, retain and remember information, such as a rule, a sequence or just a name, by retrieving it without a delay. As a teacher trainer I … Continue reading Using Mnemonics for Self-Reflection

Managing your Classes

We all know that establishing and maintaining a positive classroom atmosphere is a must. Our learners will respond well to us if they get support and encouragement. They will want to be active and engaged if they can feel confident and get on well with their peers. Easier said than done? How can we control … Continue reading Managing your Classes

Features of a Good Lesson

Have you tried to learn how to speak other languages, swim, cycle, dance or draw? What do you think inspires us as learners? What might motivate us to take up and continue learning? It seems that answering these questions can help us find the recipe for our lessons as the same things are likely to … Continue reading Features of a Good Lesson

First Day of CELTA

The beginning of CELTA is about facing quite a few challenges. It involves meeting new people, dealing with various files and may be even working with the learners. Wow! That’s exciting, isn’t it? New people We start the day by greeting and introducing each other. The first day is usually exciting but it might be … Continue reading First Day of CELTA

How to get accepted to CELTA

Those of you who haven't heard about CELTA, this is the most widely recognized initial teaching qualification, which you can get if you take the course. Those who take the course will gain some basic teaching skills and hands-on experience as this course is designed to help become aware of the principles of effective teaching … Continue reading How to get accepted to CELTA

What CELTA is like

CELTA in BKC IH Moscow You might have heard of this certificate and the course, which is used to be seen as an internationally recognised initial teaching qualification. However, these days many experienced teachers join a team of CELTA trainees because they are keen on being exposed to recent approaches, develop professionally and they want … Continue reading What CELTA is like