Using Topic Based Lessons

I'm currently working a lot with higher-level students and I have to help them prepare for different kinds of tests and external exams. We all know that we need to expose our learners to various authentic texts on different topics. Text-based presentations work well as our learners work on developing receptive skills and can also … Continue reading Using Topic Based Lessons

Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

I would like to share my experience of giving a plenary workshop for about a hundred conference participants. I presented at BKC IH Annual Conference on 24 April and I’d like to share some of my thoughts and reflections with you. The idea was to offer a framework for teachers who want to help their … Continue reading Developing Academic Skills by Promoting Critical thinking and Elaboration

Working with Synonyms

How many words that mean ‘…’ can you think of? This a typical question for learners of different levels. It seems to be a good way of helping them expand their lexical range and activate their background knowledge. It can work particularly well if you work with groups. Some individual learners are good at spotting … Continue reading Working with Synonyms

Looking Ahead

Let’s stop perpetuating the myth about meeting deadlines. It seems impossible to run several projects at the same time but it’s a matter of setting priorities. 🧐Once you’ve decided to take a new student or deliver a course or a training session, you may feel there are too many things to do: advertising, planning, delivery, … Continue reading Looking Ahead

Teaching Competence

Inspired by ‘What makes a great teacher’ video by Jo Gakonga, I decided to contemplate why teachers consistently work on their professional development. Although it’s incredibly difficult to pin down and come up with a concise definition, one of the components of a good teacher must be their professional competence, i.e. a good awareness of … Continue reading Teaching Competence

Topical lessons for Kids

Here is a basic lesson plan for those who teach younger learners. You may prefer pictures and flashcards if you work offline. Those who are using Zoom and whose learners can spell out words, can offer a labelling activity using Zoom annotation tools or chat box. You may use one of online tools, of course. … Continue reading Topical lessons for Kids

New Year Lesson Ideas

Every year around this time of year teachers help their students set goals. We can encourage our students look back at the past year and reflect on the challenges, their achievements and wonder what they could have done differently. Although 2020 was challenging for us and we are looking forward to seeing some drastic changes … Continue reading New Year Lesson Ideas


How many words can you think of related to Christmas and New Year? To make the task more challenging, let’s add the rule that each new word should start with a different letter of the alphabet. If you think your students can write words to illustrate the whole alphabet, this can be turned into a … Continue reading ALPHABET GAMES

Happiness and Well-being at Work

Team-working There is a significant relationship between organizational climate and organizational performance due to the fact that we are likely to work best with like-minded people who have similar values and are eager to collaborate. If you work in a company like that, I’m sure you are happy and satisfied as every day brings some … Continue reading Happiness and Well-being at Work

Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

CELTA course is intense whether you are a trainee or a trainer, whether you take a one-month course or a part-time course that you attend a couple of days a week, whether it is offline or online. This means that trainers will keep you busy on CELTA days and you will also have to do … Continue reading Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates