How many words can you think of related to Christmas and New Year? To make the task more challenging, let’s add the rule that each new word should start with a different letter of the alphabet. If you think your students can write words to illustrate the whole alphabet, this can be turned into a … Continue reading ALPHABET GAMES

Happiness and Well-being at Work

Team-working There is a significant relationship between organizational climate and organizational performance due to the fact that we are likely to work best with like-minded people who have similar values and are eager to collaborate. If you work in a company like that, I’m sure you are happy and satisfied as every day brings some … Continue reading Happiness and Well-being at Work

Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates

CELTA course is intense whether you are a trainee or a trainer, whether you take a one-month course or a part-time course that you attend a couple of days a week, whether it is offline or online. This means that trainers will keep you busy on CELTA days and you will also have to do … Continue reading Some Useful Tips for CELTA Candidates