Are you motivated enough to give online lessons?

running group classes

The topic of motivation is popular if not ubiquitous. Today I want to discuss whether it’s necessary to take risks and try out something new. For example, many teachers go online at the moment. The possible reasons for shifting from offline lessons might be the following:

  • due to the unprecedented circumstance
  • it’s natural if you go freelance
  • to jump at the chance to earn more money
  • in pursuit of work-life balance
  • for professional development
  • to get the job satisfaction

Which online tools to use?

using Zoom for online classes
  • platforms for delivering online classes: Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Discord etc.
  • LMS for flipping the learning content: Edmodo, Google classroom, Padlet, Schoology etc.
  • tools for vocabulary recycling and creating Quizzes: Quizlet, Google forms, Kahoot, etc.
  • online dictionaries, tools based on a corpus of written and spoken English, e.g. ldoceonline, Netlingo, Netspeak etc.
  • find the link to the list of online tools in the instagram profile header

How to build up a course

Teaching is often rewarding but it takes time and effort to create the learning content to inspire others. I know that many teachers just follow the coursebook material, which saves time and might be useful if it isn’t done blindly, and others create something from scratch by following their own passion and considering their students’ preferences. I prefer a combination of those.

No matter what the source of the material is, there must always be several important points:

  • consider your own and your learners’, needs, goals, likes and dislikes
  • critically evaluate available coursebook materials
  • use authentic sources by creating manageable tasks
  • think of a hook or  a kind of sparkle that will help you motivate our students
  • have a story in mind or something that makes the lessons and the whole course coherent

To sum up, it’s impossible to find one-size-fits-all solutions but planning for an uncertain future requires room to experiment. It may be worth challenging yourself by reading about new technologies, collaborate with colleagues and learn how to do something you’ve never done before. I’m sure you are already running awesome lessons as it’s extremely important for enhancing a sense of self-worth.

Where do you find motivation and ideas for your lessons?