In-house Training Sessions

Our BKC teachers attend monthly seminars. They can also volunteer and deliver seminars themselves.
⠀ There are about six parallel sessions each month so teachers may choose the most appealing topics according to their teaching context and personal preferences. We try to balance very practical sessions against inputs on advanced methodology so that more experienced and less experienced teachers find an appealing session to attend.
⠀ Presenters usually give two sessions on the same topic so there is an element of repetition, which I find beneficial as we can improve our performance.

Apart from regular monthly events, there is a system of support for new teachers. This coherent system entails two major components:

  • teacher training programmes such as orientation and induction
  • mentoring system involving lesson planning, observations and tutorials.

⠀ The planned activities like attending workshops on teaching young learners can help newly qualified and more experienced teachers develop their teaching skills in a particular area.

Each new teacher will receive support from a supervisor or mentor. Mentors are experienced and well-trained teachers who belong to the educational management team. They are either assistant directors of studies or teacher trainers.

What teacher training events are available at your school? How do you help newly-qualified teachers get used to working at your school?