Reinforcing Positive Thinking

I’m sure that all of you want to feel happy, comfortable and full of energy. Is it always possible?

Being happy doesn’t mean being satisfied with everything. In fact everything can’t be perfect. Imagine you have prepared a fantastic lesson and it has been great but you haven’t found the book you’ve been looking for in a bookshop. Whether you like it or not, you may have no time for planning your cover class or it might have been raining for ages, which is really depressing.

Let’s consider how we can change our attitude to situations described above. For example, if you can’t find that book, why don’t you ask a friend to share what they’ve recently read so that you can get something else to read? This is even better, as you get in touch with someone who you love, you may well spend time together and you’ll be able to discuss what you’ve read later on.

Do you try to achieve work-life balance? Do you take some time to be outdoors? Do you enjoy walking in the rain or when the weather is really unfriendly?

It’s hard to enjoy all seasons if you live in Moscow. The autumn has come to a stage when we cannot enjoy many colours. There are rare red or golden leaves that have already left the trees and almost lost their brightness. They are lying on either former flowerbeds or unnatural green grass in parks. There are also bare limbs of trees of a dull colour that contribute to the overall gloomy picture.

It’s not surprising that I’m looking forward to the upcoming white winter, which may well let our imagination run wild by exposing us to gorgeous snowflakes drifting in the air. However, observing how seasons change, no matter what the weather is like at the moment, help me reflect and unwind.

If you want to be happy, look beyond negative thoughts, feelings and things that make us feel gloomy or sad. Things like dreary weather. Bring your own sunshine, no matter what the weather or situation is like.