In-house Training Sessions

Our BKC teachers attend monthly seminars. They can also volunteer and deliver seminars themselves.⠀ There are about six parallel sessions each month so teachers may choose the most appealing topics according to their teaching context and personal preferences. We try to balance very practical sessions against inputs on advanced methodology so that more experienced and … Continue reading In-house Training Sessions

BKC IH Teacher Training Conference 2020

There are many conferences but this one is really worth attending. Our experts with considerable expertise will help you learn something new, share what you know and get inspired. Have a look at our list of speakers and the variety of topics to see who is eager to come and join us at Moscow Teacher … Continue reading BKC IH Teacher Training Conference 2020

Using Teaching Resources

What to Rely on I'm sure most of us use coursebooks as the main source of information and some other supplementary materials to add variety or change something that we may dislike in the main coursebook. We can obviously save our time and rely on a well-structured syllabus or decide not to do that due … Continue reading Using Teaching Resources

Tips for Delta Module 1

What is Delta Module 1 Preparation Course like? Who is the course for? It's for teachers who have been working for over a year and want to take their career to the next levelwork with young learners or adults would like to prepare for Delta Module 1 in a team of like-minded people guided by … Continue reading Tips for Delta Module 1

Reinforcing Positive Thinking

I'm sure that all of you want to feel happy, comfortable and full of energy. Is it always possible? Being happy doesn't mean being satisfied with everything. In fact everything can't be perfect. Imagine you have prepared a fantastic lesson and it has been great but you haven't found the book you've been looking for … Continue reading Reinforcing Positive Thinking

Using Tests and Teaching Exam Classes

I've been teaching learners preparing them to take different kinds of external exams for a long time. I cannot say that I'm keen on teaching exam classes but I'm aware of the effect of tests on teaching and learning, which is called backwash. Whatever the type of course you have to deliver, I think it's … Continue reading Using Tests and Teaching Exam Classes

Managing your Classes

We all know that establishing and maintaining a positive classroom atmosphere is a must. Our learners will respond well to us if they get support and encouragement. They will want to be active and engaged if they can feel confident and get on well with their peers. Easier said than done? How can we control … Continue reading Managing your Classes

Features of a Good Lesson

Have you tried to learn how to speak other languages, swim, cycle, dance or draw? What do you think inspires us as learners? What might motivate us to take up and continue learning? It seems that answering these questions can help us find the recipe for our lessons as the same things are likely to … Continue reading Features of a Good Lesson