CELTA and Professional Growth

Have you ever evaluated your teaching experience? Do you often attend teacher training events? Do you do research or try out new ways of teaching? If you are looking for a way for improvement, you may consider taking a CELTA course. I have already described the course here. A full-time CELTA is a short course, which means you can get an international qualification and brush up on your teaching skills in a month.

Newly-qualified and experienced teachers may well benefit from this hands-on experience as the course will help you:

  • refresh your knowledge of methodology
  • understand how to describe and clarify language
  • consider ways of motivating your learners
  • try out a great range of teaching techniques
  • be more reflective practitioners
  • become aware of your strengths
  • identify the areas you need to improve
  • work out strategies and principles of teaching
  • adjust teaching materials to meet your learners’ needs
  • etc.

We have just finished working with our trainees who attended our full-time course in September. The course was really interesting as we had teachers from various countries such as Iran, Italy, India, Russia and the UK. They seemed to enjoy the course that is a healthy combination of methodological input, teaching practice, observation, research and self-reflection.

The beginning of the course may be really challenging and I have already written about that here. Having said that, towards the end of the course trainees usually say how beneficial this experience has been for them. You can see their happy faces in this video.

All in all, CELTA may become an element of your continuous professional development, help you enhance your teaching skills and find a better job. There is always room for improvement so if you are interested in facing this challenge, join us at BKC IH Moscow!