First Day of CELTA

The beginning of CELTA is about facing quite a few challenges. It involves meeting new people, dealing with various files and may be even working with the learners. Wow! That’s exciting, isn’t it?

New people

We start the day by greeting and introducing each other. The first day is usually exciting but it might be quite challenging as there are too many new faces including administrators, co-trainees, students and trainers. We do our best to help the course participants feel at ease and build up a good rapport with each other. We take our new trainees on a tour around the school so that they know what facilities are available and they are familiar with some BKC staff they can ask for a piece of advice.

Paper work

The beginning of CELTA is likely to be at least a bit overwhelming as trainees receive a lot of information on the first day. They will get some important documents such as the course timetable, teaching practice points, CELTA 5 booklet and the first written assignment. It takes a while to understand how to cope with that.

Centre support

First, you are no alone, we’re ready to assist and inform you about the course challenges in advance. At our centre, BKC IH Moscow, we help our course participants become aware of the timetable and what a typical CELTA day is like at the pre-course stage by talking to them and inviting them to a LMS (Learning Management System), which helps them get to know the tutors and each other before the course begins. As the course progresses, we upload various course documents, course texts and links to useful sites and resources here. We recommend our new CELTA trainees to read our course guide, which gives an overview of the course. Course participants can get in touch with us by email or via the LMS.