How to get accepted to CELTA

Those of you who haven’t heard about CELTA, this is the most widely recognized initial teaching qualification, which you can get if you take the course. Those who take the course will gain some basic teaching skills and hands-on experience as this course is designed to help become aware of the principles of effective teaching and acquire tools to become confident about how to teach English to speakers of other languages.

There are a great variety of approved centres around the globe and you can choose whether to apply for a part-time, blended or full-time course,which I believe is still far more popular than others. All the centres follow the same syllabus so the requirements are similar wherever you take the course. Let’s have a look at some basic requirements.


First and foremost, your application should demonstrate your readiness and eagerness to do the course. One of the most important requirements is being able to show that you are motivated and understand the rigours of the course. By the end of the course, you should have demonstrated successful achievements of all the course components so trainers want to see that you will be able to work hard throughout the course, attend all the input sessions, take an active part in feedback sessions and group discussions. You will have to prove that you can work with adult learners, produce written assignments and meet the assessment criteria.


You have to be over eighteen as you need to be able to complete all the course tasks, demonstrate successful achievement of all the course components and meet the ‘pass’ descriptors. In spite of the general requirement to accept candidates who are over twenty, if you are just about 18 or 19 but you can provide convincing evidence of your ability to meet the course requirements, you might be accepted at the centre’s discretion.

Language awareness

You will have to show your knowledge of how language works and your competence in written and spoken English so that you cope with teaching students of different levels and producing written assignments, as these are two essential components. There will be pre-interview and interview tasks to assess your language awareness and level of English proficiency. You may be asked to answer some questions or do certain tasks such as gap-fill or multiple choice. You are likely to be asked to give extended answers and even to write something on the spot or before the interview, i.e. do an extended writing task. Take your time and try to produce a coherent and cohesive work to meet the centre’s requirement.


The course is designed to help those who are completely new to ELT, university graduates, teachers with a formal qualification and may be even those with some experience in teaching who are keen on understanding the principles of teaching English and getting practical ideas to be able to teach effectively. This means that there is no formal requirement in terms of education. However, if you have a degree, it can serve as a guarantee that you are capable of coping with the workload and produce essay that are written in an academic style.


If you are meeting all the above mentioned requirements, you are likely to get accepted to the course. However, don’t forget to:

  • proofread your application form and pre-interview tasks before clicking ‘send’ button
  • consider some possible questions that trainers may ask you in the interview
  • listen attentively to the questions and answer what you are asked about, not just topic related
  • demonstrate you open-mindedness, your ability and willingness to learn and that you can be guided

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