Is teaching online different?

Many teachers are considering shifting to online teaching as there is a growing demand for those who can help learners study in the comfort of their own home. These teachers might be used to certain principles and teaching techniques that they rely on and they have doubts whether to accept this may-be-the-biggest challenge of their … Continue reading Is teaching online different?

How to get accepted to CELTA

Those of you who haven't heard about CELTA, this is the most widely recognized initial teaching qualification, which you can get if you take the course. Those who take the course will gain some basic teaching skills and hands-on experience as this course is designed to help become aware of the principles of effective teaching … Continue reading How to get accepted to CELTA

Inspiration from a Teacher Training event

a word cloud created at At the beginning of June I was invited to ELephanT Summer School 2o19, the place full of awesome enthusiasts who are eager to share their creative ideas and learn from each other. I was really happy to contribute a little bit with my presentation on how to deal with … Continue reading Inspiration from a Teacher Training event

Teaching lexically or how to deal with chunks

It goes without saying that learning different types of chunks can help develop fluency and build confidence even at low levels as learners will remember meaningful lexical items that are easier to put into speech than single word items. Corpus research has shown that a large part of communicative language is predictable because the choice … Continue reading Teaching lexically or how to deal with chunks

Using stories for young learners

Idea for this article I came up with the idea for this article after receiving a letter from one of the participants who did 'Developing school children’s foreign language communicative competence' course, which I delivered at for Russian state school teachers. The teacher asked me about the principles of teaching language via stories. The … Continue reading Using stories for young learners