My reflection on attending and presenting at IATEFL

Attending conferences as part of continuous professional development One of the ways to develop as teachers is to do some teacher training courses and attend conferences. I am a great fan of face-to-face trainings myself and I believe that we can learn from our peers and build up a set of useful teaching techniques by … Continue reading My reflection on attending and presenting at IATEFL

What CELTA is like

CELTA in BKC IH Moscow You might have heard of this certificate and the course, which is used to be seen as an internationally recognised initial teaching qualification. However, these days many experienced teachers join a team of CELTA trainees because they are keen on being exposed to recent approaches, develop professionally and they want … Continue reading What CELTA is like

Integrating DOGME into your teaching

Do you sometimes feel that your teaching is stuck in a rut? Do you think you are ready to become less dependent on teaching materials and more responsive to emerging learner needs. If most of your answers ‘yes’, you are likely to be ready to run ‘conversation-driven’ lessons to trigger learning process by making use … Continue reading Integrating DOGME into your teaching

Some tips on motivating learners

Motivation is seen as one of the most important factors In my experience motivating learners is essential no matter what your learners are like, whether they are adult or young learners. All students are self-oriented and many can be emotional, easily distracted or get bored. We have to work out some ways of developing their … Continue reading Some tips on motivating learners

Conducting Needs Analysis

I started sharing my experience of working with young learners (YLs) and the results of research that I had done for DELTA Module 3. At that time I was working with a group of 10-12 year old children at BKC IH Moscow so I was interested in finding out as much as possible about YLs … Continue reading Conducting Needs Analysis

Motivation and developing positive attitude to learning English

Motivation is one of the key factors in ELT learning and teaching. I can't stop thinking about possible ways of creating a variety of situations to motivate my learners, trainees and myself. Many teachers agree that keeping young learners motivated is not a nice cushy job. Young learners’ goals seem to be more distant than … Continue reading Motivation and developing positive attitude to learning English

What does teaching entail?

This is going to be a series of posts aimed at inexperienced teachers who want to get some general tips about what to keep in mind and how to manage teaching. I decided that I can rely on my over-twenty-year teaching experience and being a teacher trainer who delivers a variety of courses and training … Continue reading What does teaching entail?