About Continuous Professional Development

Teachers are working hard to build rapport with their students, find good teaching materials and experiment with some teaching techniques and approaches to be able to meet their learners’ needs. Do you agree with me that ongoing reflection and evaluation of what we are doing in class are essential for all of us?


It used to be a kind of habit to learn something new and do a teacher training course every couple of years or so since I earned my first internationally recognised certificate. I did several IH courses and most of them were face-to-face as I am keen on getting involved in natural communication and learn best from live interaction with trainers and peers.

I did DELTA almost ten years ago. If you are not aware of this qualification, follow this link to find out more: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/delta/

In fact, it is still the same. What I mean is I have never stopped learning. I may not be formally involved in doing courses, especially face-to-face ones, as I am quite busy running courses myself, but I keep doing some kind of research relevant for my practice. I follow some blog posts, useful links and sign up for different type of online and face-to-face events to continue developing as a teacher. Here is a list of some links that you may also find useful, especially if you are going to find out about the CELTA course or become a CELTA trainer in the nearest future:

I am focusing on developing as a teacher trainer more than just developing my teaching skills for obvious reasons. I have run a variety of in-house trainings and different workshops since 2015. A few years ago, after becoming a CELTA trainer, I accepted a full-time teacher training contract. This means that I constantly deliver new courses, which is not only about creating or using new content but more about becoming aware of requirements, types of assignments, learning management systems (LMS) as well as trying to find new ways of delivery information for course participants.

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However, developing as a teacher trainer also means becoming a role model for trainees. This involves acquiring new skills and advanced teaching techniques. At the moment I am working on areas related to using technology in ELT and my presentation skills.

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These two things are connected as I have to deliver a variety of input sessions both online and face-to-face, and I definitely have to use technology for creating slides and demonstrating things myself with confidence. I try to make my slides memorable and my presentations interactive. This is a habit of mine as I am used to communicative methodology. However, the company I do webinars for launch their online events even when there are few registered participants, which affects attendance and I have to work out how to change my presentations to cater for those who might watch them later, asynchronously. What is more, I take part and present at international conferences regularly but I still lack confidence. One of my aims is to become a better presenter and an inspirational speaker, which I believe is a vital skill for a professional.

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Anyway, teachers would agree that professional development is a never ending process, which means that we are likely to continue being learners and this idea is really appealing to me.