Why blogging?

Let me start by explaining the aim of this post. I’ve been thinking about reasons of becoming a blogger. I mean why you think a person might start blogging. These thoughts have occupied my mind for some time. It must have been since the time I had to produce my first post on WordPress as an assignment for my IH Teacher Training course.

My Action Plan

There’re obviously a load of possible reasons, for example, completing an assignment, reflecting on your teaching practice or giving tips to less experienced people of the same profession. However, it seems that the most obvious one is to share your thoughts on the topic of your interest hoping to get feedback from people who are interested in doing the same thing.


First, there is usually something that you are keen on doing. Let’s say we choose a general area of interest -English Language Teaching. You may be passionate about working with a particular age group, working on how to teach lexis effectively or using images, for example. If so, you are likely to have a desire to express your views and doubts, which means to share them with someone. By ‘someone’ we usually mean people who have the same interest. Communicating with like-minded people will make your job a lot more enjoyable, won’t it?


There are many blog posts created by experienced and not so experienced people for developing their professional contacts and promoting their websites or products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee that they are passionate about what they are doing but they are often smart and have good awareness of the topic they are writing about, which makes their blogs interesting to follow. What’s wrong about raising your profile in the community of people who would like to learn from your experience?


Another possible type of people are those who want to explore a topic of their interest, which may be also work related, and get some ideas from other people by attracting them to their posts and inviting them to leave comments. For example, you love learning languages and you’re interested in collecting useful links, techniques and tips from experienced language learners. In this case you may wish to show how much progress you are making at some point or write about some of the obstacles to progress you managed to cope with. It’s fascinating if you can inspire other people as it’s obviously rewarding, which motivates you to continue running your blog.


What about my motivation? My blog is going to be about some work related topics, which means there will be posts on teaching, teacher training, continuous professional development and things such as learning languages that I find really interesting. At the moment I’m running several teacher training courses so I have to do a lot of marking and do some research to deliver memorable and useful input sessions. I care about what I do and I also try to meet our trainees’ needs. Another thing I may well write about is learning languages. I’m working hard but I don’t want to forget French so I keep practising it when I’m on a train on my way to work. It just takes a few minutes but I feel a lot happier when I do that. I am also going to share my experience of studying Japanese and Chinese which hasn’t been successful so far but I’ve enjoyed that.

Anyway, you are going to find out what my next post is about soon.