My Action Plan

Being inspired by ‘All I want for Christmas is…’ blog by Michael Griffin at, I’ve been thinking of my New Year’s resolutions and decided to write an action plan to become a better teacher and trainer.

Create my own blog or reflective journal

First of all, it’s not easy to start and keep an ongoing written record of personal experiences and ideas but it can be beneficial as part of my reflection practice. I can also find it motivating to post some of my ideas regularly, share my views with colleagues and receive feedback. That in turn might encourage me to read more and do research on a variety of teaching related topics.

Share with peers

This is something that I’ve been doing for a while and I’m definitely going to continue. I upload my self-made materials so that my colleagues, less-experienced teachers, can use and, hopefully, it’ll save them time for lesson preparation.

At the same time I try to look at some resources by other teachers to see another perspective and add variety to my teaching practice.

What I am going to do more is research on teacher training as it’s something that I find challenging and I really need some inspiration in the area. One of the ways of doing that is blogging and reading blogs of experienced teachers and trainers.

Make up my mind on a reading list

It seems easy to start reading blogs and a variety of books, however, it is time consuming and there should be some restrictions imposed to avoid wasting time or using the internet and other resources inefficiently.

One of the books that I found useful being a DELTA trainee is About Language by Scott Thornbury. I’ve decided to have a look at the tasks that made me think and reflect at that time and choose similar ones for my workshops to help newly-qualified teachers. Another book that I want to return to is ‘Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms’ by Jack Richards. I hope both books will help me find new ways to work on my teaching practice and develop professionally.

There are a number of websites for teachers and teacher trainers and I’ve been using some of them for a while. So I am eager to continue using various websites to read a number of articles, watch inspiring videos and communicate with teachers all over the world. Some of the websites that I may well use in the nearest future are:

Overall, I believe that it’s important to adopt the attitude of open-mindedness, mentioned by Thomas Farell at, to be able to consider and implement new ideas.